Google For Education

Centre Com can work closely with your school to develop a successful one-to-one or one-to-many Chromebook program.

1. Understanding the Google ecosystem

Free consultations and ongoing events to help understand the Google Platform and its benefits.


2. Designing the school’s approach

Work closely with school leadership to develop and deploy the best solution for your school.


3. Building Capacity and Confidence

Provide teaching staff with ongoing support to produce more engaging and collaborative content in the classroom.

4. Evaluating and Enhancing

Analysing your system on a regular basis to fine tune and enhance your program, and provide a roadmap for improvement.

Low price, flexibility and a plethora of applications make Chromebook an excellent choice for education use.


  • Thousands of cloud-based applications for use in Education.
  • Large range, low-cost hardware.
  • Touch screen and keyboard options available.
  • Innovative Classroom Management using Google Classroom.
  • No server or heavy infrastructure requirements.NAPLAN approved.

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