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Our expert technicians can provide a fast, efficient service to ensure your equipment is always working properly.

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Authorised Service Provider

 As an authorised service provider, Centre Com has a direct line to manufacturers.

This means that our technicians are qualified to service products.

Avoid lengthy warranty times and improve business continuity with Centre Com as your preferred service provider.

without worry.

Our “in house” expertise provides a complete level of service from product knowledge and sales advice to fully support your organisation.

This level of service also covers BYOD programs and means that your school community is always fully supported

On-site and
Remote Support.

Centre Com provides a range of service models to meet your needs. These include on-site, and remote support with ongoing monitoring of your ICT systems.

This means that you can select the level of support that is most appropriate and affordable for your organisation.

Our staff will come to your site to help assess your service requirements and develop a tailored solution for you.

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