IT Infrastructure Management

Prepare for the future.

Centre Com can ensure your school’s infrastructure provides an efficient platform to provide for the school community. To meet your technology requirements and prepare for future technologies.

Our solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risks. We work closely with you to evaluate your current IT infrastructure and offer tailor-made solutions.

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Range of Solutions

Data Management

Our backup services are comprehensive and continuous. We perform regular backups of your entire server/s throughout the day to ensure your data backup is up-to-date.


Cloud computing is transforming the way organisations are run. Cloud services can range from single applications such as emails to the entire IT infrastructure.


With more and more organisation processes dependending on information technology and the constantly evolving nature of the the medium, security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Network Management

Centre Com has an extensive monitoring system in place which automatically alerts our technicians to potential problems. This allows us to react quickly to prevent outages and downtime.


Throughout our broad network of distributors and manufacturers Centre Com can access the best educational products, at the most competitive pricing, across all platforms available for education institutions.

Device Management

Mobile Device Management Suites allow schools to deploy applications, settings and updates wirelessly to student and school owned devices with ease.

Digital Signage

Centre Com Digital Signage solution is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that provides you with the easiest way to control and monitor all your digital screens.

Printer Solutions

Centre Com can provide a wide variety of print solutions for your organisation.

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