Bring Your Own Device

Efficient, safe and effective community ownership of ICT resources

Each school can have their own unique BYOD portal developed for their own requirements

You select the level of management and overview required for your community.

School Management

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Tailored to your needs.

There are an increasing range of managed services available for most platforms including Win 10, Apple, Chrome and Android. These are designed to provide schools with the management tools required to securely manage their ICT environment especially where students are bringing their own device to join the school network.

Some advantages of a managed service include less time configuring the devices to the network, device security, tracking, and shared communication across staff, students and parents.

These services help school leaders feel confident in the service they are providing for their community. Our education team can assist you with information about these services.

For Parents

BYOD Information for Parents.

If your school has implemented a BYOD program, Centre Com can help you select the correct device for your child.

Some schools will use our dedicated BYOD portal and some schools may request parents to purchase from any supplier.

Each school will have their own requirements for you to consider as you select the correct device.

Buying, through your school, via the Centre Com BYOD portal.

Centre Com provides a free online service to schools for parents to register, purchase, obtain warranty and repair services for their child's computer.

This program will provide the agreed models, warranties, accessories and insurance options to fully manage your child's device throughout their schooling.

If your School is set up, simply log onto the Centre Com BYOD website and join the program.

Buying through your own reseller.

Please check with your school first before purchasing your device.

Option 1: Your school has provided you with the required specifications.

Some schools have a list of required specifications for any device you supply so that it can connect to the school network and be capable of meeting the educational programs required by your child.

Using the computer specifications provided you can select a suitable device from the Centre Com BYOD product list.

Option 2: Your school has NOT provided you with any specifications.

We recommend that you check in with your school before purchasing your device to see if they have minimum requirements.

You can then select a suitable device form the Centre Com BYOD product list. Items on this list are selected to generally meet the requirements of most schools and should be suitable for your child’s program.

If you require additional assistance please contact us to discuss your needs.

Types of Devices






2-in-1 devices



Choosing a Device

When choosing a suitable device for your child it is important to consider the weight of the device and overall size relative to your child and their ability to handle the selected device.

It is also important to consider how your child will be taking their computer to and from school. You may need to look at protective covers, water proof carry bags and keeping the computer away from drink bottles.

Battery life is important and should cover the use at school allow for at least 5 hours use even though students will generally not be using their computer all day at school.


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